the game of sonic kinship
The Click-Clack is a game system that enables live musical improvisation for an unlimited number of players

no special skills required

anyone can take part regardless of their musical BACKGROUND

basically the Click-Clack is a cellular field

a hex-grid of any particular size

each cell is assigned a special sound

sounds of the game field are elementary techniques available to anyone

as its sonic material comprises phonemic variety of speech

players can freely move from one cell to another

making their individual ways through the field

and create musical pieces in their own fashion

anyone can either enter the Click-Clack field and join the vocal improvisation

or may remain an independent spectator of the ongoing performance

and still join any time

there are no winners in this game

the goal is within the musical process and fun of joint sonification

As a matter of fact, the contents of the field may vary depending on a particular edition of the Click-Clack game and the relevance in situ. There are yet three mosaics of the Click-Clack.

The game flow is maintained by the Phonema choir musicians. These are the acquainted people who have tactics and strategies at their hand so they can mediate the process.

Basically, the game of Click-Clack requires a room with its acoustic features, but in some cases it may be played outdoor. In any way the game engages site-specific approach.

The game of Click-Clack was originally invented by Boris Lesnoy as a way to promote the idea of opera alibretto and globalize the Phonema Choir practice.

Generally, the Click-Clack game is a way to deal with the global challenges of the modern world by providing an open space for creative collaboration, diversity and inclusion.