Boris Lesnoy
Composer, sound artist, sonic activist
In his artistic orbit Boris Lesnoy attempts societal accumulation and ecological dissemination.
His operas are inclusive pieces of music that employ linguistic diversity and allow anyone to participate.

Boris Lesnoy is the initial conductor of the Phonema Choir founded in 2020 to facilitate global polyphony by means of social engagement, improvisation and attentive listening.
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Water opera
To rephrase Rudyard Kipling: “We be of one water – you and I”.
The opera is based on rituals of the utopian cult called the Last Drop Society. The priestesses immerse into a mystery of visionary practices and go through symbolic fusion with the water element. Considering the global warming, is that nostalgic reminiscences of the doomed or viable restoration of the archaic approach that enchants Nature? In any case when the rite eventually conjures the Naiad, its aria has something to convey.
The Water opera
The Click-Clack is a game system that enables live musical improvisation for an unlimited number of players.

Basically, the Click-Clack is a cellular field, a hex-grid of any particular size while each cell is assigned a special sound. The sounds of the game field are elementary techniques available to anyone as its sonic material comprises phonemic variety of speech.

There are no winners in this game for the goal is within the musical process and fun of joint sonification itself.

The game of Click-Clack was originally invented by Boris Lesnoy as a way to promote the idea of opera alibretto and globalize the Phonema Choir practice which is to develop a new civil network of sonic commons.

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Alium Mundus
immersive library space
Peredelkino, 2022
Alium Mundus
'Everybody is a writer, for altogether we are writing the world history' - is the motto of the project that puts a viewer in a participatory position prompting a survey of memory structures, common classification patterns and creative abilities of a human being.

Practically, this room of curiosities in the Peredelkino House of Writers is a starting point of a journey enacted through AR mechanics. Equipped with an array of loudspeakers, microphones and lights, this immersive venue embraces an alternative approach to the literary archive despite any chronological or hierarchic linearities. Instead, the room provides an open source to overview and reimagine the human culture by means of rearranging inter-echoing symbolics and vestiges.
Live sonic installation for a nap in the forest
Archstoyanie festival
L'après-midi d'un faune
This open-air dormitory located in a birch grove is a particular venue presented by Roman Sakin as 'the Sanatorium of Sleep' at the Archstoyanie festival.

Initially integrated into the Sanatorium of Sleep, our sonic augmentation of the venue is a piece of leisure design that explores the interconnectedness of people and nature. It seeks as well margins of the urban outlook that overlays the essence of a human being and dissolves as we dive deeper into subliminal levels of consciousness.

Spread among the coaches, the multichannel sound installation begins with a natural ambience (e.g. bird chirping, leaves rustling, etc.) that gradually develops into a surreal soundscape as people sink into sleep, along with occasional reminiscences of Debussy's L'après-midi d'un faune as a word of homage.
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The art of singing with a fridge:
dissemination of attentive listening
Boris Lesnoy constantly conveys a socially oriented practical research that implies public workshops and performances. The research is framed by the policy of democratization, cultural diversity and inclusiveness and intends to develop such universal creative network that fosters the sense of global citizenship.

Up to this point, the programme is devised around the concept of attentive listening and timbre-wise music arrangements to explore conductive means of creative civil collaboration.

This disseminating endeavor comprises lectures, music teaching, creative tasks, group improvisation and sonic meditation.
Participants interact with each other and gain practical musical&vocal skills while expanding overall horizons.