Phonema Choir
international project that brings vocal music enthusiasts together
Phonema choir is an international peer-to-peer association of vocal music enthusiasts.

Our practice implies public workshops, performances and research.
Our pursuits are shaped by principles of democracy, diversity and inclusiveness.

We aspire to develop such universal creative network that would be capable of expanding international dialogue and fostering the sense of global togetherness.


As a crowdsourcing establishment the Phonema Choir is pioneering the genre of opera alibretto.

Historically, any opera should have a plot, a literary text - libretto - as its basis.

On the contrary, the opera alibretto is a unique genre that draws on pure sonority of global phonemic variety and, hence, deliberately eschews a text as medium.

By this we strive to liberalize creative processes and promote collaborative art as a common social habit.

Creative Phonetics

Drawing upon International Phonetic Association charts, our practice examines quaint dialects and vernaculars to support minor communities by bridging language gaps and promoting horizontal approach to creative communication.

One of the key aspects of our endeavor is focused around public places as venues for a sustainable and inclusive dialogue.
Within that we tend to explore interactions between architecture and sound as well as search for ways of meaningful urban development.
Boris Lesnoy
composer, sound artist, activist
Phonema Choir practice is conducted by Boris Lesnoy,
a composer and sonic activist who pursuits socio-accumulation and eco-dissemination
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